Assembly and Mounting of Industrial Equipment.


The Heavylift divison offers complete, turnkey services in the areas of heavy material handling and equipment assembly. It is comprised of a design office and a fleet of specific equipment dedicated to handling to solve problems related to the transfer of heavy loads.

With a synchronised jacking capacity, a range of gantries ranging from 200 to 1,000 T and a hydraulic shifting strength of up to 2,000 T, our teams are able to carry out all of your projects (port cranes, industrial equipment, motors, transformers, etc.).

Our experience acquired over the years and a detailed analysis of your problem will allow us to model your projects and thus adapt our operating methods to your requirements in whatever the field of activity (petrochemicals, nuclear, manufacturing workshop, etc.).


TONS OF SPECIFIC EQUIPMENT TO HANDLE YOUR INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT (port cranes, ovens, presses, silos, tanks, motors, production equipment, etc.)

levage manutention lourde
Manutention lourde

Our vehicle fleet.

electric crane

Electric cranes for hire.

Find our wide selection of electric cranes from 2.5 to 50 T idéales pour des opérations destinées à l’intérieur et à la manutention.

These devices are designed to perform optimal manoeuvres in limited spaces.

C’est leur small size that makes it possible to work in the tightest passages of any type with reduced pressure on the ground.

Thanks to radio controls, l‘opérateur peut effectuer les interventions à distance en toute sécurité.  

Choose from our wide selection of electric cranes.

Our project management

Drafting of specifications.

Studies and service call methodology.

Definition of operating method

Project coordination

Site commissioning

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