1912 - 1999

A professional life lived with passion.

Jean-Jacques VERNAZZA founded the company in 1942, initially focused on maritime transit and material handling, with the Mediterranean Transit company, Medtrans.

He lived his professional life with passion. Very close with his employees, he preferred human contacts in all areas and even more strongly so within the company. He was an undeniable leader of men.

Jean-Jacques VERNAZZA left in the company the memory of a great president, energetic and demanding, but over and above all of that of a men of heart. He is the one who created and developed the Mediaco Group to which he devoted his entire life.

jean-jacques vernazza mediaco


1948 - 2013

Christian Jacques Vernazza

An entrepreneur,
known and appreciated by all.

The first turn towards lifting operations in 1973, with the creation of MEDIACO LEVAGE, then towards storage and port logistics, in 1988, via a subsidiary, MEDIACO VRAC.

A dynamic entrepreneur, he was able to develop and diversify the activities of his Group through his hard work, present in all regions of France, and internationally.

Being very attached to the city of Marseille, he insisted on keeping the Group head office there. He held various representative functions in Marseilles, Paris and abroad, in which he was active.

Christian-Jacques Vernazza Mediaco