High-rise aerial work platforms for trucks

Rental of high rise lifting platforms for heavy vehicles.

The Personnel lifting division offers a wide selection of high-rise aerial work platforms for trucks and spider platforms. We carry out works at height with maintenance, installation, placing, loading and removal operations.

We offer the best equipment for works at height thanks to the rapid deployment and mobility of the platforms, capable of moving from site to site. A flexible and efficient work tool with the multiple possibilities of movement of the arm. The platforms have the full complement of equipment that adapts to your needs.

lifting platforms

Our platforms fleet

The Mediaco group has 65 high-rise lifting platforms on heavy vehicles from 40 to 90 m in its fleet. A capacity of 1 to 6 people for a 600 kg basket.

All of this equipment is spread throughout France and internationally. We provide services or equipment for hire to your sites for works at height. 

Our platforms are used in sectors such as urban planning, construction, renovation, industry, telephony, etc.

Spider platform.

With its limited dimensions, this platform equipped with tracks allows access to difficult, narrow, steep sites, while offering optimal performance.

Nacelle araignée mediaco

Our available models

Our fleet has lifting platforms on heavy vehicles of the Ruthmann, Multitel, Palazzani brands with a capacity of 40 to 90 metres. They provide an optimal solution for sites requiring high rise working heights.

location nacelle
location nacelle
nacelle araignée