Maintenance, transfer, plant shutdown works, material handling, on-site logistics, specific works.

An industrial organisation based on quality and safety,

the professionalism of the people and the scope of the Mediaco branch network: a complete range of industrial cranes, gantries, boom trucks, forklifts, motorised rollers and platforms.

Industrial maintenance.

Daily actions to guarantee the optimal availability of your facilities at the best cost.

Preventive and/or corrective maintenance, assembly, scaffolding, heat insulation. Implementation of operating methods.

Preparation and planning of service calls, with detailed monitoring of progress, mastery of software specific to project management and team planning.

Optimisation of costs, implementation of works and management of subcontracting. Integration of the QSE issue in each service call. Feedback report and monthly review.


MEDIACO offers a national and international hub of industrial transfers based on the quality of our branch network and on the potential of experienced, efficient, specialised and trained personnel for over 40 years.

Our sole objective: optimising the restart of your production and guaranteeing a successful transfer. Our material means as well as our human resources allow a great efficiency of our activities and a real know-how to carry out your handling and industrial transfers that are as varied as well as complex.

Material handling and disconnection engineering (electrical, fluids). Material handling and lifting. Packaging and transportation. Re-installation and reconnection at destination.

Factory shutdown works.

A true indicator of our know-how, the shutdowns highlight all of our human and material resources.

Our mission is reinforced by the strong involvement of our teams in the project to optimise service calls, and is carried out according to the following steps:

Evaluation of means and methods of service calls. Preparation and planning. Mastery of software specific to project management and team planning.

Selection, monitoring of subcontractors and trade coordination: scaffolding, insulation, assembly, mechanical, electrical, piping, industrial cleaning, etc.

Implementation of works. Feedback to the customer. 1-stop coordination of more than 100 people and coordination of more than 10,000 operations.

Material handling.

The action of our highly qualified specialists, combining efficiency and experience, makes it possible to ensure the handling of all types of machines with customised and powerful tools.

On-site logistics.

The management of your logistics needs is comprehensive:

Management of stocks, store, inventory and monitoring of administrative documents. Preparation of orders, loading and tracking of shipments. Unloading and control upon receipt, storage. Route optimisation. Management of nonconformance. Road transport, exceptional convoys and storage. Management of packaging lines (palletising, etc.).

Professional drivers. Warehouse workers trained in management tools. ADR and dangerous goods loading specialists.

Specific works.

We ensure the installation and assembly of specific new or factory units:

Engineering according to plans. Coordination of trades. Scaffolding, insulation, mechanical assembly, electricity, piping, etc. Installation of equipment according to plans. X, y, z positioning and delivery of a final TQC file. Start-up assistance.