Activities of the Mediaco Group

Leading network in France in Lifting and Material Handling.

Mediaco offers equipment rental and services in the fields of lifting and material handling.

Crane rental.

A fleet of 3,000 vehicles including 900 cranes from 35 to 800 tonnes spread over 90 branches. Mediaco is the leading network in France in Lifting and Material Handling.

Self-propelled cranes from 35 to 800 T.

Crawler Cranes from 50 to 800 T.

Mobile Tower Cranes from 38.5 to 58.5 m.

Mediaco, more than 90 branches at your service.

Through its network of 90 branches and its teams of professionals, Mediaco offers two types of services governed by the general conditions of the UFL (French Lifting Union): the rental of mobile, caterpillar and self-propelled cranes or the provision of services with overall management of lifting lifting operations.

Camion grue


Leading French heavy lifting company. A fleet of 40 vehicles from 300 to 800 T, including 18 cranes of more than 500 T intended for heavy lifting.

5 lattice cranes on
  LG1750 carriers of 750 T.

4 crawler cranes of
200 / 300 and 800 T.
33 telescopic cranes of
300 and 750 T.

Rental of hooklift trucks

MEDIACO offers a wide range of arm trucks for rent, with a capacity of 25 à 200 T/m. These machines are able to transport and unload the load over any distance.

They combine lifting and transport in one machine, thus offering total autonomy and saving time and resources.

Thanks to their smaller size, they benefit from easier access to difficult-to-reach areas. The less restrictive traffic rules (1st category traffic) allow easy mobility on the roads.

The hooklift trucks are also equipped with hooks for the transport of containers, with the possibility of adding an additional trailer if necessary.

Opération de levage avec un camion bras
electric crane

Electric cranes for hire.

Find our wide selection of electric cranes from 2.5 to 50 T idéales pour des opérations destinées à l’intérieur et à la manutention.

These devices are designed to perform optimal manoeuvres in limited spaces.

C’est leur small size that makes it possible to work in the tightest passages of any type with reduced pressure on the ground.

Thanks to radio controls, l‘opérateur peut effectuer les interventions à distance en toute sécurité.  

Choose from our wide selection of electric cranes.

The design office.

A design office responsible for evaluating all the calculations, the plans, expertise and technical monitoring of the projects of the group. Complete lifting and handling operations for a wide variety of industries, including petrochemical, chemical, construction, industrial, civil engineering, nuclear and energy.

Sophisticated computer systems and a highly mobile team support the project studies in the field and contribute to compliance with security protocols.