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Hooklift trucks.

We have a fleet of 350 hooklift trucks for hire, which comply with all regulatory requirements.

Capable of performing any lift from 25 to 200 tonnes/metre, transporting the load over any distance and unloading it at its destination.

Hooklift trucks are used to carry out material handling operations (indoor or outdoor), industrial transfer, loading and unloading, positioning, removal and refitting.

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Hooklift truck caracteristics.

A hooklift truck is a lifting and transport vehicle on a self-propelled (truck) or towed (truck trailer) undercarriage. Also called " Crane truck" or "Auxiliary crane on truck", it is capable of transporting the load over any distance and unloading it at its destination.

The machine is made up of a support, called " carrier frame " (which cannot move during the work phase)and a lifting arm, usually hydraulic. It may be mounted fixed or be partially removable. In road position, the arm is folded up and takes up little space. Conversely, when in use, the lifting arm has a large radius of action.

The auxiliary crane comprises: 

  • a base, which connects the crane to the chassis of the carrier vehicle. This base has stabilising jacks that ensure the stability of the device. 
  • a rotating column, connected to the base by an orientation mechanism and receiving the boom in the upper part. 
  • a boom composed of several telescopic elements, provided with lifting cylinders and comprising an articulated hook at its end.

A hooklift truck is used on construction sites to carry out lifting, transport, installation and removal of items, etc. Areas of use include urban locations, and construction, renovation and demolition sites.

It is efficient for deliveries to construction sites by providing an optimal and rapid solution for the loading and unloading of materials.

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