Crawler Cranes.

We provide you with the charts of our crawler cranes with a capacity of 50 to 800 tonnes.

As well as our telescopic crawler cranes with a capacity of 50 to 220 tonnes, available for hire and services on your sites.

These construction machines are mainly used for heavy lifting operations. Crawler cranes have the ability to move with a load, even on the most difficult terrain.

Choose from our wide selection of crawler cranes.

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Heavy lifting with crawler cranes.


Mediaco offers a heavy lifting service through its company Maxilift, number 1 in France. A fleet of 40 vehicles from 300 to 1200 T, including 18 cranes of more than 500 T intended for heavy lifting.

A heavy lift to be carried out?

3 lattice cranes on carriers
  LG1750 carriers of 750 T.

4 crawler cranes of
200 / 300 and 800 T.
33 telescopic cranes of
300 and 750 T.
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Crawler crane caracteristics.

The crawler crane is a suspended load lifting device, equipped with a crawler chassis, which allows it to move easily over different types of terrain. Its stability is maintained under the influence of gravity, which makes it very reliable and safe to use.

This tool is mainly used on construction sites to perform heavy lifting operations, with a large load capacity. It can be used on difficult to access terrains, thanks to its tracks which allow it to move without the need for a fixed track.

Here are the main technical characteristics of the crawler crane:

  1. Load capacity : the mobile crawler crane has a large load capacity, ranging from 50 to over 1,000 tons, depending on the crane model. It can lift heavy loads in complete safety thanks to its sophisticated equipment.

  2. Telescopic boom: the crawler crane can be equipped with a telescopic boom, which allows the boom length to be quickly adjusted according to the needs of the site. This saves time during lifting operations and makes it easier to move the crane from one site to another.

  3. Lattice Boom: some crawler crane models are equipped with a lattice boom, which is made of lattice steel frame elements. The lattice boom offers the highest load capacity and working height.

  4. Tracks: the mobile crane on tracks is equipped with tracks, which allows it to move on different types of terrain, without the need for a fixed track. The tracks give the crane great stability, even on uneven ground.

  5. Safety System: the mobile crawler crane is equipped with a sophisticated safety system that ensures safe operation. This system includes load control, stabilization and emergency stop mechanisms.

  6. Portability: the crawler crane is portable and can be moved from one site to another with ease. It is designed to be easily disassembled and reassembled on another site, allowing lifting operations to be carried out on several sites.

  7. Jib : some machines can be equipped with a boom that allows the lifting height to be increased beyond the limits allowed by a fixed boom.

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