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High-rise aerial
work platforms for

We have a fleet of 65 high-rise lifting platforms on heavy vehicles with a capacity of 40 to 90 m in height and 1 to 6 people per basket.

We carry out works at height with maintenance, installation, placing, loading and removal operations.

The platforms are designed to receive one or more people, accompanied by their tools.

Choose from our wide selection of high-rise lifting platforms.

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Lifting platform caracteristics.

The lifting platform for heavy vehicles consists of an extendable structure comprising an articulated or telescopic arm, mounted on a self-propelled undercarriage. It ensures the height positioning of the work platform (basket) serving as a workstation for one or more people to perform tasks at height. 

Our fleet is comprised of lifting platforms on heavy vehicles of the Ruthmann, Multitel, Palazzani brands with a capacity of 40 to 90 metres. They provide an optimal solution for sites requiring high rise working heights.

We offer the best equipment for works at height thanks to the rapid deployment and mobility of the platforms, capable of moving from site to site. A flexible and efficient work tool with the multiple possibilities of movement of the arm.

It has several pieces of equipment with a control panel to direct the arm and the turret, a multitude of sensors, emergency circuits, stabilisers at the front and at the rear of the platform. In order to balance everything, the stabilisers make it possible to lift the machine as well as its wheels, which do not touch the ground.

The lifting platform for heavy vehicles is also used on construction sites to carry out installation and removal operations. Areas of use such as urban sites, construction sites, renovation, etc. It is able to meet the needs encountered on construction sites. 

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